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A photo of Mackie in Nam holding the plaque he dedicated to his lost comrade, Regan.

This V Bronze Star Recipient is Simply 
Known as "Mackie"

Army Specialist Four Mackie had his tour from 1968-70, including a year in Vietnam.  An infrantryman and sharpshooter, Mackie found himself in trecherous situations because he was "The Big Guy."  That meant carrying more ammo and larger weaponry.


On one occasion, he recalls losing 12 of 27 soldiers out of his unit due to injuries and death.  That didn't seem to stop him from performing his duty to the nth degree. 


One of the soldiers lost was his best buddy, Regan.  He had been sent out on a separate mission and never returned to his friend.  In Regan's honor, Mackie had a plaque made up with the names of everyone who served with him.  The plaque was eventually given to Regan's parents and is still in the possession of his family.

To many at the American Legion Post 99, Mackie is affectionately known as a "character;"  but, he took his military duties very seriously.  In fact, in 1969 he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal with "V" Device.  


Following are direct quotes from the order outlining Mackie's valor in saving his fellow soldiers' lives.

For heroism not involved in participation of aerial flight, in connection with military operations against a hostile force in the Republic of Vietnam:  On this date, Specialist Mackie was serving as a rifleman with his unit on a company size reconnaissance...


While moving through an area of dense jungle, the rear element of the friendly force suddenly became engaged with an undetermined size enemy force.  During the initial aggressor barrage, several casualties were sustained.   With complete disregard for his personal welfare, Specialist Mackie unhesitatingly maneuvered through the intense hail of enemy rounds to assist in carrying the wounded to a more secure location.  Although constantly exposed to the vicious fusillade of enemy fire, Specialist Mackie made repeated trips into the area of hostile contact in order to aid his fallen comrades.  His courageous initiative, and selfless concern for his fellow soldiers significantly contributed to the saving of several American lives.  Specialist Four Mackie's outstanding display of aggressiveness, devotion to duty, and personal bravery is in keeping with the finest traditions of the military service and reflects great credit upon himself, the 1st Infantry Division and the United States Army.

While Mackie will tell you that the friendships and comradery he forged were the saving aspects of fighting in Vietnam, he is quick to say that he regrets having lost track of his friends. Sadly, he explains that "When you leave comrades behind, you don't know if they made it out."

Mackie will be the first to tell you that Post 99 means a lot to him.  It is another source of comaradrie and friendships.  He explains that it is a "comfortable" crowd because you are spending time with others who you know share your understanding of serving in the military.